Sleep Apnea Or Sleep Apnoea? Which Is It?!!

Submitted by: John Arthur

If you’re in the business of getting people to stop snoring or if you are one of the 250,000 Australians that have already been diagnosed with OSA, then you’d presumably be pretty familiar with the word …but do you know how to spell it?

Although there have been many creative, erroneous variations in spelling these two words, (probably attempted by many who need a snoring cure!) …such as sleep apnia, sleep apneea, sleep apneoa, sleep apnear …the truth is, there are actually two correct answers but none of the aforementioned. Sleep Apnea and Sleep Apnoea are both correct. Sleep Apnea is used in the United States and Sleep Apnoea in the United Kingdom, while Australia tends to use both versions.

Either way you fancy, getting people to stop snoring and getting treated for Sleep Apnea is a serious business and can be dangerous if left undiagnosed. Many businesses today offer a snoring cure and treatment for OSA and the most effective is the CPAP machine. ResSleep, a ResMed spinoff company is one of the most exciting new organisations on the Australian scene, with 5 locations in Brisbane, Sydney (2 clinics), Gosford and Melbourne. And more locations will be announced shortly… watch this space.

About ResSleep


ResSleep has a growing national franchise network of Sleep Clinics that provides a snoring cure and premium patient service for the treatment of Sleep Apnea Australia wide. ResSleep clinics also offer an on-site sleep test program operated by partnering Sleep Physicians. Our treatment consultants specialise in Complex Sleep Apnea and COPD treatments.

Our goal at ResSleep is to provide Sleep Apnea patients and their doctors with superior patient care and improved patient compliance.

ResSleep is an exclusive partner of ResMed and believe their world class CPAP equipment is the best available for treating patients with Sleep Apnea Australia wide and providing a snoring cure.

As treatment specialists with a view to growing our business, we are looking to develop close partnerships with Sleep Physicians enabling us to provide patients with a professionally supervised on-site sleep test facility and a tailored treatment program.

ResSleep’s mission is to provide patients with easy access to a professionally supervised Sleep Apnea test facility, followed by the best available Sleep Apnea solutions. Our treatment consultants only fit patients with a premium snoring device or CPAP machine manufactured by ResMed that will provide long term quality of life.

Sleep disorders affect millions of people in Australia, however, awareness is low and up to 90% of people with sleep disorders remain undiagnosed and untreated. ResSleep’s goal is to collaborate with like-minded Sleep Physicians and reach the undiagnosed 90% of people suffering with sleep disorders, offering them a seamless pathway from Sleep Apnea test to snoring device, leading to long term Sleep Apnea solutions and improved quality of life.

Alongside Sleep Physicians we will execute field activities to educate the general public, GPs and other referring doctors so that more people can undergo a Sleep Apnea test and be treated with a snoring device to combat OSA.

About the Author: Stop Snoring

ResSleep and its growing network of sleep clinics provide a snoring cure, treatment for Sleep Apnea in Australia and Sleep Physician supervised sleep test. Our CPAP therapy equipment prevents patients from snoring by helping them breathe normally during sleep.


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